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Finding An Office For Lease In Auckland

Tips and Advice for Finding an Office for Lease in Auckland

If you’re looking for an office for lease in Auckland, then it’s likely that your business has grown to a point where you need some quality office space in order to optimise your productivity and workload, and ultimately, to give the best service possible to your potential customers.

However, choosing to rent office space is never an easy prospect, so in this guide, you will discover several tips that will put you on the right track for renting the ideal space.

Tip 1 – Pick a budget and stick to it

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re browsing numerous office spaces in Auckland, but it’s wise to start out with a specific budget and aim to keep within it at all times. In the beginning, you will often be able to make do with a smaller, inexpensive space and this will go a long way towards helping you keep your costs as low as you possibly can. Keep in mind that office space isn’t always cheap, so if you do not need a storefront or you won’t be meeting with your clients on a regular basis, you may even be able to benefit from a co-working space or at least a cheaper location that’s a little out of the way from the busier districts.

Tip 2 – Ask for the lease duration that you want

While most landlords may have some specific criteria for what they are willing to offer in terms of duration, this can often be quite flexible these days, so you do not necessarily have to sign up for a lease that’s longer than you want, nor do you have to settle for a shorter lease than is available – especially if you can make a good case for your requirements.

At the end of the day, there’s no harm in negotiating this point, and if you take the time to do so, you may be delighted with the results.

Tip 3 – Think about accessibility

Perhaps one of the most important things you need to consider when you are looking to lease office space will be how accessible the location is for both your customers and your employees. In general, you want to minimize the commute for your team as much as possible, and even if you do not have a big team, consider this possibility for the long-term as well.

What’s more, it’s a good idea to ensure there are some local amenities nearby, so people have places to go on their lunch break. Of course, this also means you can have meetings in nearby restaurants and coffee shops, which is often essential for a customer facing business.


Tip 4 – Give yourself some room to grow

While it’s smart to avoid renting an office that’s larger than you need, there’s no denying the benefits that can be had by giving yourself some extra space for your business to grow. Even just a handful of extra desks or cubicles could make all the difference for future clients.

Overall, finding an office for lease in Auckland isn’t necessarily difficult, so if you keep these tips in mind, you should have a pleasant experience during your office space hunt.

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